Shamanic Healing

Works with the spirit world to bring about personal healing and connection to oneself by gathering of missing parts.

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House Cleansing

Removes negative energy and entities from your home, personal property, or belongings using Shamanic ritual.

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Energy Cleansing

Cleanses your personal energy field and cuts ties from negative attachments. Helps restore personal balance.

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About Jimmy

Jimmy Starman is a gifted healer who passionately supports your own natural ability to heal yourself. Shamanically trained, through his gift of inner sight, Starman travels through the inner planes assisting the retrieval of soul fragments. Through past and present life trauma’s your soul’s consciousness may experience itself as disconnected from the core of your own Being. This creates a feeling of not being whole and an endless search for another person or material object to make you feel complete or may manifest in the form of other challenges in your physical life.

Through light touch and a deep connection with Spirit, Jimmy creates a sacred environment that honors your physical personal space as well as your spirit. Through a magical connection of his soul to yours, and with the assistance of his powerful spirit guides, relevant past and present lifetimes reveal themselves. This soul to soul journey allows Starman to lovingly and wisely guide these aspects that have been isolated back into your own natural healing heart.

Jimmy Starman, Interfaith Minister, has over 25 years of intensive training and experience in the healing arts. Starman has been a shamanic initiate of Don Manuel Quispe, renowned Q’ero elder and medicine man; Don Martine Pinedo Acuna, Peruvian great condor healer/shaman; and Marco Nunez, Peruvian Medicine Man. His training includes the art of the Incan Medicine Wheel and shamanic journeying. Starman is a Graduate of Earth, Fire and Wind Healing Institute. He is a Master Level Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner; Certified Tibetan singing bowl healer.

Starman would like to honor his additional teachers that assisted his deep communication with nature, crystals and animals, allowing his healing gifts to extend far and wide. Much gratitude to Florence Joseph, Rester Lopez, Ron Warrner and to my mother, June Rose Prisco, for always believing in me.

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